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UreFlex AL
Coating for concrete substrates
Pro-Seal Ureflex AL is a single component coating for concrete substrates.  This product is an integral component of the Pro-Seal ALHT System inclusive of:
  • Pro-Seal DP-36
  • Pro-Seal Prime Flex III
  • Pro-Seal Deck Flex HT
  • Pro-Seal Ureflex AL
  • Pro-Seal Polyscrim
Applications on Concrete
  • Parking decks
  • Industrial floors
  • Walkways
  • High traffic work areas
  • Decorative entries
  • and more
  • Wood Decks (when used with proper primer)
  • Metal Decks (when used with proper primer
  • Part of a monolithic system
  • Multiple coats may be applied within 6-12 hours of each other
  • Provides a tough durable finish that stops intrusion from dirt and grease
  • Designed as a wear resistant protective shield from traffic and other wear
  • Resistant to gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze and diesel fuel
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